Providing Professional Consulting Services to the Security Industry

Growth Strategies

Several years of consolidation and acquisitions of both national and regional firms by the large players in the security industry have created tremendous opportunities for smaller but solid companies with the necessary vision, motivation and resources to fill this void at the local and regional levels. We assist our clients to capitalize on these opportunities and successfully compete on a higher level in their markets.


  • A Strategic Growth Plan
  • Management Resources
  • Value Added Service Quality
  • Administrative Infrastructure
  • Working Capital/Equity Resources
  • Sales and Marketing Plan
  • A Motivated Workforce

Each one of these components requires a series of strategic decisions before any programs can be designed and/or implemented. We all want to grow our business, but just how do we do that and where do we do that? Do we build business in our current markets or expand geographically? Do we pursue our current type of client or do we target a different market segment, perhaps a niche market? Do we grow internally through sales of new contracts or do we purchase new contracts through an acquisition program? What is the cost of these decisions and how do they impact the other key components?

We will guide you through this process and provide tangible solutions to expedite these decisions. With the tools at our disposal, we will help you measure the impact both in quantitative terms and in terms of the qualitative impact on your organization. We will then assemble a detailed business plan for your organization which will provide a road map for you and your managers over the next year.

We can assist you with an acquisition program by defining the profile of a target company, identifying viable candidates in the predetermined markets, negotiating the terms of a transaction, supervising the due diligence process and assisting counsel with the closing.

Adding value to your operations can be accomplished with turnkey programs ready for implementation.

We have sources for working capital financing and investment capital under various arrangements.

Our Security PricingPro software will streamline the pricing process and allow you to accurately fine tune your proposals.

With our associates, we will design a complete sales program for your company including compensation programs, marketing materials, even a website if necessary.

Once a growth plan and the other key components are in place, we will work with you to implement the plan and assure its success!