Providing Professional Consulting Services to the Security Industry

Dickinson Security Management Group

We are a group of individuals and affiliated firms providing professional consulting services to the contract security industry. Our experience is
at the national and international level and our focus is on assisting owners/shareholders of security firms maximize the value of their
company. We offer general and financial management consulting
services on a retainer, project or per hour basis. Our services include:


  • Value added Programs to Provide Competitive Differentiation
  • Business Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Contract Pricing Strategies and Solutions
  • Acquisition Identification and Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Development Programs
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  • Working Capital Financing Programs
  • Systems Analysis
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Cash Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Risk Management
  • Recruiting Services


  • Full Analysis and Appraisal of your Company
  • Recommendations to Maximize Enterprise Value
  • Turnkey Marketing and Sale of your Company

The contract security industry has changed dramatically over the past five years with fewer independent companies competing for an expanding market. With the events of 9/11, clients have become more sophisticated
and more demanding in terms of service quality and stability. Economic constraints have often prevented the large scale increases to security
budgets that many predicted. In order to succeed and grow in such an business environment, security contractors, now more than ever, must develop and maintain a competitive edge in their marketplace. To achieve this, they must critically examine all aspects of their business including current client mix, service quality and consistency, security officer
retention, target market tier, available niche markets, operating
efficiencies and per hour cost components. These are often difficult tasks while dealing with the normal day to day interruptions that are faced in
this industry.

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your goals.